ERIC incorporates a competency based implementation model for youth services. This model has been developed to build capacity in all youth sectors, to improve treatment and service efficiency and to aid in implementation fidelity.

The model is based on best practice implementation methodology for AOD treatment settings and highlights that adherence and fidelity to ERIC will maximise positive outcomes for young people. The ERIC training and implementation model is made up of six components.

Please note: There will be two Level 1 ERIC workshops in 2024. One workshop will run in May and one in October 2024 (dates TBC). If you are interested in participating, please get in touch via the form below. 

There are three options for ERIC training:

  • 1-day ERIC workshop
  • 2-day Train the Trainer workshop
  • 12-week ERIC Champion training

1-day ERIC workshop

The one-day ERIC training workshop is for practitioners who want to use ERIC in their clinical practice with young people. The workshop covers the different elements of the ERIC program, how to work with an emotion regulation framework or ERIC ‘World View’ and how to apply ERIC tools in practice. The workshop also covers the background into the theory and research underpinning ERIC. The training is run by the lead developer of ERIC, Dr Kate Hall.

2-day Train the Trainer workshop

Train the Trainer (TtT) is a two-day workshop program for organisations and staff seeking to develop enough ERIC knowledge to be able to train other staff in ERIC. Day 1 is the ERIC Training Workshop and Day 2 covers principles of training and coaching in ERIC for facilitators. TtT works well for senior practitioners who hold a practice lead or training calendar and professional development role in organisations.

ERIC ‘Resources for Young People’ and ‘Resources for Practitioners’ are only accessible via a login for this website, which can be obtained through an individual or organisational licence agreement. Organisations who decide to partake in training will also need to purchase an organisational licence, the cost of which depends on the size of the organisation. Licenses may be purchased only for staff who attend the training or for staff who attend the training plus additional staff. See below indicative costs:

Up to 20 staff: $75 pp

Between 20 and 100 staff: $2,000 (approx. $40 pp)

Between 101 to 500 staff: $6,500 (approx. 25 pp)

More than 500 staff: $10,000 (approx. $13 pp)

Please note that the above costs are in addition to any training costs.

  • 1-day ERIC training: $400 ex GST per head (face to face) or $300 ex GST per head (online)
  • 2-day Train the Trainer: $750 ex GST per head (face to face or online)

Additional costs:

  • Travel costs (face to face only)
  • Printing of ERIC resources (optional)
  • Organisational licence (for staff who do not attend training)

The ERIC one-day workshop is delivered by the developers of ERIC, Dr Kate Hall and Dr Angela Simpson. They are supported by a team of accredited ERIC Coaches who deliver the competency-based coaching.

  • Dr Kate Hall: Is the Principal Researcher for ERIC and the lead facilitator of the one-day training workshop.
  • Dr Angela Simpson: Leads the ERIC coaching and competency-based assessment and co-facilitates the one-day training workshop.

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